Infant Instructions

What if... you knew exactly how your child would develop because they were your exact genetic duplicate? Past the early explorations of cloning Dolly the Sheep and humanity has perfected the cloning of its own. Reasons in part due to: a reproductive necessity, as our own ability to propagate the planet with our insidious selves … Continue reading Infant Instructions


Rain on Wednesday

What if... we lived inside a dome that was coded to provide a regular weather pattern? With the degradation of the planet's ecosystem, the mission for scientists around the world becomes nigh on impossible. The shorelines disappear as the oceans eat into cities, and claim the infrastructure to re-home lost angelfish and curious bull-nosed sharks. … Continue reading Rain on Wednesday

All the Wrong Colours

What if... A machine was designed to recreate the images in your mind? Probes run deep, downloading the contents of an artist's imagination, until the parameters are set. Tubes of cadmium red, cobalt blue, vermillion; paint running onto sized brushes, onto the stark blank canvas. (At this stage, I'm more worried my imagination is starker … Continue reading All the Wrong Colours